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The reason you're seeing so much mention of quality difference is that it's currently a Apple marketing campaign, along with the "it just seems smoother" bit. Just like previous "iphone has more apps" campaigns, Apple marketing feeds it to the ipress and fanboi network and presto chango... its everywhere. Also like the we got more apps campain, the quality thing now has a very limited lifespan. The assumption by many developers is that iSheep pay for apps (or whatever Apple tells them to) while Android users don't. I think that assumption is changing, though Apple marketing is doing their best to keep it going. Certainly, if you're a developer you have to realize that with Android you now have a bigger potential customer base who's growth is accelerating. Personally, I'm now offended when a developer offers an ios version but leaves out or reduces quality for Android...and every android user should too. Don't forget to speak out and tell the developer how you feel about it!
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