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Originally Posted by nj02vette View Post
This thread is for known hardware/software issues with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. If you discover an issue, either post in this thread or PM me or mods. I'll keep this original post updated with the most pertanent info.

Note: I'd like to keep battery life and signal strength discussions out for now. There are plenty of other threads for those and those are common complaints for almost all phones. However, we can approach those subjects if software/firmware updates seem to affect them.

Issue 1:
File transfers over USB cable from computers is unreliable. There are reports that coping files from the phone works ok, but trying to copy files to the phone causes issues. I've tried this both on XP, Vista, and Win7 and had the same issues with intermittant transfers, timing out, and other issues. For example, my ringtones transferred fine, but I couldn't transfer any pictures.

This has been discussed on XDA. The problem has to do with lack of true USB host mode. There are a couple of workarounds:

Easiest: Download Airdroid from the market. It lets you wirelessly connect to your phone and control it, including transferring files. Can't believe it's free, works pretty slick (Must use Chrome or Firefox, don't use IE)

Moderate: In CWM, mount USB storage. I'm going to try this to see how well it works.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved in an update.
I've found that I can transfer files to my USB connected phone very easily from my PC to the phone, but I can't download to it from the internet like I can with a flashdrive. I have to save a file to my PC, then transfer to my Gnex.

For me, it's not too big a deal.

One known issue is that the top part of the phone gets rather warm/hot. Does anyone else have this problem?

I don't know if that's where the 4G chipset is located. If so, that would make sense.
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