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Originally Posted by jkc120 View Post
Ok, I found a clip that exhibits this. It shows in the default movie player on the nexus and also the mx player app.

Can someone out there play this back and see if you notice it? I think it's pretty hard to miss, but would like some others' feedback. Watch the black parts of the video (especially the guy's hair on the left) and you'll see some really annoying blueish/light-blue blockiness in the black areas. This same video played back on my dinc doesn't show this.

I'm also curious if people with a Rezound can check this? That will probably be my next option if I return the Nexus.

Thanks in advance.
I have a rezound and just tested the video as this is a very important factor for me as well. I can tell you that there is NO artifacting, blockiness, blueish anything. The video plays perfectly, just like you're watching on TV.

The problem you're talking about absolutely has to do with the pentile display. I played it on my old droid 3, which is also pentile (but not super amoled) and it looked horrible. But I knew it would. All my videos, HD or otherwise, had problems with dark scenes on my d3. This is especially noticeable when the black isn't true black but a lighter shade of it that constantly changes due to slight changes in lighting (within the scene itself). It made certain movies just plain unwatchable on my d3. I never had this problem on my first android phone (DX) or on the rezound. Also makes me think your Inc is of the SLCD variety, which the later ones came with and is the same screen tech in the rezound.

I thought that the denser pixel count of the HD screen on the Gnex would make it less obvious, and maybe it does. But from the sound of it, it doesn't seem enough for those that watch a lot of HD content on their phones like me.

Thank you for pointing this out. If I had any lingering doubts about sticking with my rezound, you just ended them. I'm on the go all the time so do most of my video watching from my phone. My HD rips look stunning. I've seen no distortions in any on the videos I watch.

To the poster, since your dropbox link streams, just go to a verizon store and install mx player on their display rezound (if you can't access the market, you can always download the app directly from the dev's google site, Download - MX Video Player, using the browser). Then side load it and play it on the rezound. I guarantee you will not see a single artifact.

Thanks again for the info.
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