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Ok, regarding the blue blocks/aliasing in black parts of the screen during video playback, there is a nice workaround. Get the app called screen adjuster (free) from the market. You can also use this to control the brightness during video playback since another person reported it automatically goes to full brightness. So here's a summary of the issue and how you can work around it. Also what I found to be the optimal contrast level for full brightness during video playback.

- for those of you who watch movies/videos in a dark environment, you may notice blue/blocky artifacts in dark parts of the video
- to work around this, download the free app named screen adjuster
- optimal contrast (lowest contrast that blocks go away) for 100% brightness is a contrast of ~7%. Could go a little lower, but then the blockiness starts to manifest

Anyway, for anyone like me that noticed this, try out this free app. I am more than happy to use this workaround and keep my Nexus than go to a locked down device.

I may still file a bug with Google/Samsung on this. Seems like it MIGHT be fixable in software - even if it's just a built in way in ICS to adjust contrast.
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