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Originally Posted by shapleigh91 View Post
Thanks for all of that info jarb01 and photogdave.. For me, as Wick & Fearless stated above, the problem seemed to be Google maps, I formatted the memory card, rebooted it and un installed google maps and after that the battery was draining normally.

Can't wait until Nov 2012 when I'm eligible for an upgrade, deuces Fascinate. lol
Welcome. Yeah, me too on upgrade. I think I jinxed myself this am. Not 30min after I posted, I picked my phone up and it was off.....pressed the power button and got empty battery icon. It did power up but, its at it again. Everything else seems fine, but the idea it did something else again, just shows it wont last. And I doubt its an app. The apps I have on now have been here for a week, so the idea it may be an app is unlikely.

I think I may add a line to my shared plan(to beat the lack of available upgrade), just buy an iPhone 4s and be done with it. Im just droided out.
Its too Vista like, I cant take it anymore.
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