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Originally Posted by shapleigh91 View Post
I was considering going the iPhone route too, I hear the iPhone 5 comes out next August so I'll most likely get that. Lol @ us bringing iPhone onto the Android forums haha. Haters gon' hate!
I don't care. I get sick of people being so partial to a stupid phone....taking everything so personal. You walk into Verizon and they act like they don't even sell the iPhone.
Cause they've been so stuck with Android all these years. They will throw every excuse in the world at you to convince you to go with Droid and how sorry Apple is.

Look, I think Android phones are nice, they have the pros. Theres a lot I'm gonna miss if I switch.......but let me say what I want more than any feature etc...... I WANT MY %$#@#$ PHONE TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE TIME....without hard resets.
Im tired of the Vista like issues on my phone. I hate that quirky, buggy crap on Windows Vista and I hate it with Android phones.

Then you have those who say, its because you have the fascinate. NO. I have a ton of friends with all brands of Android phones and they all deal with this from time to time at some point between the necessary Factory reset intervals........except for the ones who are so entangled in their allegence to all that is Droid to ever say anything is wrong with their phone.
This wouldnt be so bad if when there was these crazy issues someone could say, Its THIS and heres how to fix it.......but they cant. Its like the lockness monster of issues. Uh, try a factory reset and hope for the best.......
I know Im gonna get hammered as a troll. But Im trying to give Droid a chance. I wanna like my phone. I bought it over the iPhone.....hoping it was better, but..........someone prove me wrong. Not someone with a 10 day old newer than new just released 4G Android phone. Someone thats had their droid for 2 yrs and it works as good as it did the day they bought it.......please convince me. Cause I work with 4 people that iPhone 3 thats still cruising without bugs. Several iPhone 4's and they just grin everytime they see me rip the battery out of the back of my phone.
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