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Confused SMS Auto-forwarding

I think I have tried every app out there... either found on my own, or recommended by others. What I am trying to do seems simple, but apparently not. I have a HeyWire number that I'm attempting to use as a replacement for the native messaging app in my phone. I also have a wifi-only tablet, which has no native app, since it has no carrier-assigned phone number. HeyWire works great on both devices. I want to permanently auto-forward my normal messaging number (from the phone) to the HeyWire number, w/o leaving an extra copy of the message in the native messaging app. The problem seems to be that many of the apps don't seem to be able to forward to non-carrier numbers (maybe they think it's a landline?). Here is what I've tried so far, along with the result:
SMS Forwarding - This was the first one I tried, and the most promising. It had an optional notification icon to serve as a reminder that forwarding was in place, plus it could be configured to automatically delete the copy in the native messaging app. Unfortunately, it had a problem with HeyWire numbers... it took 5 hours to forward!
SMS Forwarder - no forward
SMS Forward - no forward
Auto SMS - no forward
chompSMS - This was recommended, but unfortunately doesn't do what I need. Too bad, because it looks like a nice app.
biteSMS - Same as above, but this appears to be iOS only.
ultimateSMS - I don't know if this works or not. There is no free version, and based on my experience thus far, I wasn't going to spend the $4.99 asking fee just to find out.
TxT Operator - This was a total no-go. I could never test it, because I could not enter a number into the "Forward to" field (could get focus, but nothing I typed got entered). Without the ability to tell it where to forward, it was useless. This app also offers the ability to forward SMS to email, so maybe that works (though I did not test that feature before uninstalling).
dgAway - This one came fairly close to doing what I needed. The only thing it does not do is delete the copy in the native messaging app.
SMS Forwarder Lite - This was almost identical to dgAway, except the free version only offers the ability to forward a single number (not "all in address book" or all numbers, as most of the others do).
SMS Bounce - This is the one I'm using for now. Feature wise, it is similar to dgAway... but it goes about it in a different way. Instead of programming in a "Forward to" number, you send a text to your primary number (the device with this app installed) containing the activation password. It then forwards to that number until you text again with the 'deactivate' password. You can also stop the forwarding by accessing the app from the phone it's installed on and tapping the "Stop SMS Forwarding" button. This has the advantage of allowing you to do on the fly forwarding to any text-capable number (doesn't even have to be an Android device) for when you forget to take your phone with you, or any other reason. I have emailed the developer, asking if he could add the "delete in native app" feature, and that'I'd be willing to pay for it.

I hope the results of my testing will be useful to someone. In the meantime, does anyone else have any suggestions for apps to try that I might have missed?
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