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Originally Posted by rockhammer View Post
A couple of questions on notifications:

1) what/where is that new notification bar? what's so good about it?

2) in 2.3 I could bring up list of notifications from the menu button in the home screen, but this choice is no longer showing at that same spot. where do I find it?
The new notification bar works just like the old notification bar except now you can dismiss individual notifications instead of all of them. Just drag it down from the top of the screen.

Originally Posted by rockhammer View Post
previously the search widget was something I can place in any one of the 5 home screens.

now the search bar is always on the screen no matter which home screen I'm on. I know android is free and everything because search is where they make the money, but on every home screen? a bit much. please, pretty, please allow a way to get rid of that.

as an alternative, why not replace one of the 5 things on the bottom (currently phone, contacts, all apps, txt msg and browser) with the search icon? I'd change the contacts for the search icon.
I personally like the placement of the new search bar. I didn't at first, but it doesn't actually take up any extra screen space. You still get the 4x4 widget space. And since you don't have to add the 4x1 search widget anymore, it actually saves screen real estate.

Originally Posted by oratihsus View Post
Hi everyone,

I'm also newbie with Android phone too. I've had my Nexus S for 2 months now and really like it. However, with this new update, I don't like where they place the search bar....totally agree with rockhammer.

I also have another issue. With the old system 2.3.6, I was able to use my songs as ringtones but the new system 4.0.3 doesn't give option of set song as ringtone. Any ideas how to do so? Thanks.

Oh, and if I don't like this new system, how do I go back to previous one 2.3.6?

Thank you!
To add your own ringtones, all you have to do is put them in "media/audio/ringtones" on your internal storage. You can do the same with alarms (in "media/audio/alarms") and notifications (in "media/audio/notifications"). If these folders aren't in your storage already, you can simply make them yourself.

I personally like Ringdroid (link: to add my own ringtones.
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