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Came from iphone 4 then to razr and now to nexus and loving it!

For those of you that closely monitor your battery this is the first android device ive used that doesnt count the battery percentage in 10 digit intervals so if your using battery app that puts the battery percebtage in the status bar like "battery status" it wont show 30% when your really at say 37%

Coming from gingerbread i typically clear out my.notifications from the status bar pull down ... i noticed in ICS you can swipe left and right to clear them out --- more fun

Resizing widgets --- if the widget is compatible you can do a hold press and resize it wider or longer (very similiar to launcher pros paid version) this works with beautiful widgets

Anybody else finding it annoying swiping hoirzontally through app drawer and pictures? Trying to get over this hurdle
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