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I said farewell to my X yesterday. I moved on to the White RAZR. It was a tough decision between the GNex and the RAZR. I went with the RAZR due to the weak radio reports of the GNex. I was in VZW yesterday and tried it myself. The RAZR was at -67db and the GNex was at -104db. That's a pretty big difference, especially for those of us who are frequently out in the sticks. And not to mention I really am not interested in rooting and ROMing anymore, so I am not concerned that the phone has an unlocked bootloader.

My only qualm about getting the RAZR over the GNex is updates. I like the idea of updates coming straight from Google. Other then that, the RAZR is one great device. I do like Smart Actions. Very useful. The screen the RAZR is pretty good too. Not as good as the GNex, but good enough for a smartphone. And the features added my MotoBlur are actually very useful. So far, I am pleased with the purchase. The battery life is average. Not great, but not the 3 hours that the salesman was telling me it would get (he was really pushing the GNex.)

And my X is getting a good home with my father. He is going to use it as a PDA for the time being, until word about Verizon's shared data plans come out.
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