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Default Possible issue with video playback quality on Nexus in dark/low-light conditions?

I know I will get flamed by people who are in denial or who just love this device to the point of not caring about the video quality.

But folks, if you are reading this forum and you watch a lot of videos on your phone, do NOT buy it. I really hate to say it, but it's the God's honest truth. The combination of pentile and samoled do not make for a good video viewing experience.

Whether it's the nasty blue blockiness in dark scenes or the banding/artifacts evident in video playback, it's simply not a good looking display for watching videos in dark/low-light environments.

By all means, if you watch in environments with more ambient light, you may never notice or care. But I challenge any of you folks with Nexuses to watch a video (even with full brightness) in a dark room and NOT see the nasty blue blocky artifacts in dark parts of the video and general bad video quality.

I REALLY want to keep this phone. I honestly do. I am willing to deal with the bad radio signal. But I watch too much video on my phone to "live with" this. I love the look/feel of the phone. I love ICS. I love the other features, and honestly the battery life is GREAT compared to my dinc. I just can't live with the video quality.

I'm more than willing to accept that it's a BAD screen, but this is my 2nd gnex and plenty of other folks said they observe the same thing:

I want to be wrong. I want to keep this device. But I can't get past this horrible video quality. At this point, I'm pondering either returning the nexus (if I can to a store in PA, when I bought in CA - the CA CSR assured me I can) entirely and hoping my dinc survives until the mid-year offerings or just getting the rezound. I dislike sense, and I can't really say I love the look of the device nor the thickness. But if I can get GOOD quality video @ 720p from that sucker and I will get ICS soon, I guess I can deal. Who knows if it's going to get S-OFF. God I hope so if that's the way I go...VZW is my only carrier choice, so I have to decide if I want unlocked nexus goodness with craptastic video or a locked device like the rezound.

major *sigh* here.
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