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First, love the Nexus, and I bought this knowing that it's meant to be a developer phone, and that it would not be issue free. If anything, we all signed up to be ICS guinea pigs...

Here are the issues I've seen/heard so far:

1. If I receive a phone call while typing something say in the twitter app (other apps too), the phone screen comes up but the keyboard does not minimize, so there is no way to answer the call since the slider is blocked.

2. If I am talking to someone on the phone while inside a house or car, and step outside with the slightest breeze, the person on the other end says that I sound like total crap, and that I'm trying to talk to them from inside a hurricane.

3. I actually wasn't able to recreate the issue again just now, but I was trying to comment inside the facebook app using voice-to-text and the output was just a bunch of random names from MY address book. It was really crazy, but it has only happened once or twice.

4. The auto-correct feature in any situation will occasionally revert back to the incorrect spelling of a word, even though I hit space and continue typing. It will accurately correct my typo, then revert to the typo after I hit space. Really odd.

Originally Posted by jkc120 View Post
This needs to be said. I'm just protecting others who watch a lot of videos on their phones. I know I will take flack, but honestly I want to protect others who expect good video playback on their device.

Please, if you value video playback in a smartphone in dark/low-light conditions, read this tread.
I honestly think you either got a lemon, the file is bad, or the conversion settings were bad. I have a few 1080p 4000-5000kbps data rate mp4 files on my Nexus. The video playback is impeccable, during all scenes and screen brightness levels.

I did try to play that test file on my phone, and it played with no issues at 100% brightness.

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Keyboard lag when typing fast is my #1 issue at the moment landscape, but if I keep typing it catches up just fine.
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