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I posted this in the thread dedicated to the issue, but figured I may as well post this here too:

Everyone who has an audible popping noise coming from the rear speaker 2-3 seconds after any sound stops coming through it needs to go get an exchange. This is a hardware issue/defect, NOT a normal occurrence/every day issue.

The sound was driving me bonkers, so I packed the Nexus up and went to the corporate store. Showed them what was happening. I had no issues exchanging it for a brand new in-box Nexus. My new one has NO issues, and I cannot hear the static or the pop any longer.

As I've said before, I'm an audio engineer and my ears are very sensitive and used to picking stuff like this out. On my last one, I could hear the popping very well at arms length and faint but still pretty audible when the device was across the room. With the exchanged unit, I hear nothing.

I know that the electrical current being passed through a speaker produces sound, but it seems that on some units its louder (and in my case, a LOT louder) than others. If you can hear it, exchange it.
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