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went from a fascinate to an iPhone 4S. Couldn't be happier with my phone now. Like the poster above, I enjoy the customizations and whatnot with the android platform but more than that I WANTED/NEEDED A DAMN PHONE THAT JUST WORKS....ALL THE TIME. I'm sick of dealing with samsung/verizon (who knows who's to blame) and the sh*tty updates that break more than they fix.

Funny though, on the iPhone forums tons of iPhone people are going to the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy II and raving about how much better it is than their iPhone.

Different things for different people I guess. I was just sick of all the issues with my fascinate... stupid things like it taking screenshots all the time or NEVER being able to get a GPS lock. The OS degrading to the point where I had to use ODIN and reflash the stock firmware on it (only once but could use it again... if I still used the phone). Getting to carry a spare battery around with me cause if I had to use my phone for anything useful for more than 30 mins, the battery took a nosedive.

After using the iPhone for a week I can't believe all of the stupid sh*t I used to put up with on my fascinate.

Thanks Samsung. You may make super awesome screens and cutting edge devices but you dropped the ball with the fascinate. Unfortunately that was my first experinece with smartphones and it was a bad one.

I've been begging my wife to try to get a used iPhone 4 or get one of our relatives eligible for an upgrade to get her a 4S. In any event, when the iPhone 5 comes out she'll either get my 4s or she'll get the 5. I can't wait.
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