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Originally Posted by bobisculous View Post
When I tilt my screen only a few degrees, I begin seeing a blue tint across the screen, particularly on white colors (but still obvious on all colors). My friend's Galaxy Nexus hardly has that issue, if at all. Purchased at the same time. Anyone else here been experiencing it? No screen protectors on either.

I understand the technology of the screen may cause some discoloration, but for his not to do it makes little sense. Couple that with the fact white is kind of yellow on my screen and I can see some vertical line artifacts as well, I am convinced I will be asking for an exchange soon.
I returned mine for this same reason. I didn't notice my white looking yellow, however I saw blue tint fairly strong. The VZW sales assoc didn't even know what I was talking about, but didn't give me any problems getting a new one. Within 15 minutes the whole debacle was behind me and I was well on my way to getting it back to how it was.
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