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Notsure Sending audio files over a text message

Anybody know where to report this missing feature/bug??

I call it a bug because it's completely missing from ICS and it shouldn't be. My old HTC Incredible as well as other android phones were able to send audio files over a text message.

I also call it a bug because I'm able to RECEIVE audio files (amr format since it's very small) but I'm not able to send any. Weird?

I tried reporting it on google's android page here:

Issues - android - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting

I'm afraid nobody will see this and it will never get updated. It's such a basic feature I'm sure it's a very easy fix. I use a lot of amr music files to send over a text message to my friends and not having this feature is kind of like not having the option to send text messages with special characters like @, *, or $. Very very annoying. I can't understand why they completely forgot about adding the option to send one of your music files over MMS through your text messages.

Thanks for any insight!
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