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Originally Posted by Mobilemoll View Post
Yea I meant the stylus included with the EV was $245. Sorry for any confusion . I wish it was the Scribe included instead, doubt I'll pay $50 extra for one.
I bought my Scribe for $30 on eBay. It's money extremely well spent if you're using the tablet for note-taking, annotating/highlighting documents, drawing, or putting a signature to documents electronically. If you're not doing much along those lines though, it's probably not worth the added cost. If you are, then it's a must-have. It's what truly sets the HTC tablets apart from the rest, and it works extremely well.

I have a normal capacitive stylus that I purchased when I had the Asus Transformer. It's ok, but they're really clunky and imprecise. It's like trying to write/draw with a big, cheap crayon that doesn't always mark.
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