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Originally Posted by stockfeed View Post
Thank you for your reply screminbug, but im still having problems. (Presumably due to my noobness) Ok, so i have put a copy of the file in the base(root?) directory of the two drives that come up when i mount to vista, e: and f:. one is obvously my external sd card, and one is the internal memory. so basically, one is e:\rectools.tar.gz and one is f:\ using windows explorer, i have no e:\sdcard or f:\sdcard which is what im thinking i need, because as it is now when i boot i just get mini recovery mode telling me to push the file, which just doesnt work. device not found, it says. which i dont get cause how the ** did i get to mini recovery mode if it cant see the phone! so i have no idea what im doing wrong or how to fix it. im not sure if this will matter, but i flashed it to ik4 the other day. it was on stock from optus australia,(which is why i want to do this, to get paid apps)
This also happened to me. I had to put the phone in Download mode and flash a firmware using Odin to get into android to mount and copy the file to the internal sd card (I messed up on an install of GalaxHero so I could not get into the OS). Using ADB to push the file would not work for me either.

If you are able to get into Android, just mount the sd cards and place it in the root folder of the internal card. You should be good to go.
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