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If you are able to get into Android, just mount the sd cards and place it in the root folder of the internal card. You should be good to go.[/quote]

Thanks electroz, but the phone boots up fine, when i boot in recovery mode, drakaz mini comes up telling me to push, which doesnt work, so i continue on to boot the phone and mount the internal storage. move the file to (for ease of conversation im calling my internal card e e:\rectools.tar.gz ( i cant put it in e:\sdcard\rectools.tar.gz, doesnt show up) and thats all i can do. it doesnt want to go into drakaz recovery. keeps going to mini recovery saying the file is not there. otherwise i can make calls etc just fine. what am i doing wrong? if someone could write a path to show me exactly where it is supposed to go eg "e:\put the file here you stupid noob!" P.S. i dont have the phone connected to usb and virtual xp(how i got drakaz on there) while i boot to recovery, is that important? (hope not cause i blue screened my pc last night trying to get this to work!, on lappy atm)

EDIT: how is galaxHero? worth going from ik4 to it?
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