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Originally Posted by gzkbbx View Post
I have recently moved to an Android Phone Galaxy s2 and everything is OK with the exception of Bluetooth it works with a standalone Garmin sat Nav but cannot hold signal on a BMW Production Fitted unit. The problem appears to be that after about 120 seconds the Samsung stops auto polling the BMW unit prompting a message reactivate phone.

My ancient Nokia had no problems so is there a fix or a better app
My wife and I purchased two of these phones on December 10th/11 at a FutureShop. I drive a 2012 Audi TT and she drives a 2007 Honda Civic. I have had the exact same problems as you with the connect/ disconnect. My wife's problems with her car is that she can receive incoming calls but cannot make any outgoing calls with the hands free system. The one problem we both share is that if you are talking to someone regardless if you are driving or sitting in your chair at home there sometimes is a dead spot for about 3-4 seconds where the person you are talking to can't hear you and assume you have hung up on them. I spoke with Audi about all of these issues and they told me that Audi deals mainly with Apple (Iphones) I tried my buddy's IPHONE 4S and there were no problems at all. When I spoke to FutureShop about this the sales rep said that they have been experiencing problematic feedback with people that own high end cars (Lexus, BMW, Audi etc) Doesn't explain my wife's car (sorry Honda) She has not experienced the connect/disconnect problems but the phone is useless to her if you can't call out while driving. The other problem my wife doesn't like about this phone is that if someone texts or phones her and she misses the call, there is no beep to notify her that she missed a call/text. I like the phone's features but if I can't pair it to the cars then I am returning them. Does anyone know of any smartphones that pair well with Hondas? My wife's Bluetooth (Frickin hate Bluetooth) was not factory but it is a Honda Bluetooth system. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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