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Default OTA updates vs. ClockworkMod and root

Okay, here's the "TL;DR" (too long--didn't read) version:

Q: can I get/install an OTA if I have a custom recovery (ClockworkMod) installed?

A: nope (the OTA will actually download, but the installation will fail unless you have a stock recovery installed)

Q: can I then just re-flash the stock recovery and then get/install the OTA?

A: yep (works just fine)

Q: can I be rooted and get/install an OTA?

A: yep (you'll lose root afterwards, though)

Q: do I lose root access at that point?

A: yep (easy to get back)

Q: what do I do then?

A: invoke custom recovery and re-install the root package


Here's the particulars of my little testing session tonight:

================================================== =======================

- initial phone state: VZW LTE/CDMA Samsung Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.2, rooted, with ClockworkMod installed

- flashed back to stock 4.0.1 (VZE/LTE/CDMA) [note: I did not lock/relock bootloader]

- powered back down

- rebooted in fastboot / bootloader mode

- flashed ClockworkMod custom recovery

- restarted phone

- got OTA notice; accepted and phone restarted,

- upon reboot, OTA install almost immediately failed (show little, green Android with red triangle and ! mark inside)

- flashed stock recovery back; rebooted; checked phone status (still 4.0.1);
checked for system updates--couldn't force update at this time (tested this again later on)

- flashed back to 4.0.1 stock; left stock recovery intact

- rebooted, waited for OTA prompts, accepted, rebooted, installed, was now 4.0.2

================================================== =======================

- flashed back again to 4.0.1 stock

- flashed ClockworkMod again over-top of stock recovery

- rebooted

- downloaded and accepted OTA

- OTA install failed (again)

- flashed stock recovery

- rebooted; got another system update notification

- OTA installation successful; again back to 4.0.2

================================================== =======================

- power down phone

- reboot into fastboot / bootloader mode

- reflash completely back to stock (4.0.1)

- soft-boot ClockworkMod and install root package

- reboot

- verified root access with Titanium Backup

- wait for OTA (system update) notification

- installation worked just fine

- rebooted

- checked system version, now back to 4.0.2

- check root access--root was "gone" (really, just inert)

- powered-down, flashed ClockworkMod, re-installed root

- rebooted, verified root access (yay!)

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