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Originally Posted by TrueMetalGeek View Post
I was surprised to see how small the stock battery was on this thing.
I think my imagio had a slightly larger capacity.

I had upgraded my imagio to the 3200 mAh with the larger cover which I didn't mind because it made it easier to hold onto. (I dropped that phone all the dang time before that).
With that extended batter my imagio would almost last all day with heavy internet use vs barely making it to lunch time.

With my TB I can't even make it to lunch time if I use it heavy.
Of course the screen is larger, the processor is twice as fast and with 4G I'm using more data.

Anyway. I'd LOVE a 3200 mAh for this TB but I have that nice three piece protective cover from Best Buy that I love. I'd have to literally dremel a square hole out of the back of it if I wanted to use that huge battery. :-(

I'm in the same boat. I'd love the functionality of a 3200mah battery, but it would make my sexy phone really ugly. Plus I keep my phone in my pocket so I don't want people looking at me like "hey, is that the new Seidio 3200mah extended battery, or are you just happy to see me?" :-)

I'm surprised you are seeing much of a difference with that slightly better than stock capacity battery.
Maybe the Thunderbolt stock battery is overrated a little, and the Rezound battery underrated.
But it is 15% bigger even if the tags are correct, and that isn't insignificant.
If you were getting around 8 hours out of the stock battery, you get a little over an extra hour with the Rezound battery. It's not a huge difference, but it's not a huge battery either. And personally I don't want a huge battery. I want huge power out of a small battery.

To me, phones are fast enough, and capable enough. Let HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nokia and everyone else out there start working on coming up with a better battery than the Lithium Ion batteries. Once they invent the next generation of batteries, then they can get back to phone making. That would not only help the phone industry but pretty much every industry.
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