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Originally Posted by txwolf1980 View Post
Yes. Hell, i don't even go into the store. Just call customer service, and tell them you want to activate on that line. They'll ask you for the MEid (on the back of the phone, under the battery) and 5 minutes later, it'll be done. The only requirement is to be in a verizon service area, as opposed to extended network.

Two cautions:
1. Deal with 'top sellers' only, and request the esn for verification BEFORE you purchase the phone. It's rare, but there are bad apples out there.
2. As i said before, do your research. Make sure it has the features you want, before purchasing. Most ebay auctions have a 'return for like item' policy, and don't do cash refunds. The only way to get your cash back is if there is a dispute. And that is a pain in the ass.

Like I said, these things are rare. I've purchased 2 phones off of ebay, and Both have worked exactly as advertised. Simply exercise caution, as in anything else.
What he said ^^^^ or.... you may actually activate the "new" phone online without having to call anyone at Verizon. I have an iPhone4 (not the "S" version) that I like a lot, but really miss some of the Android features. I have purchased a few Android phones on this forum as well as on eBay. So far (knock on wood), all my purchases have been without problems or issues.

Just go go to your account on-line and select the box that offers the Switch Devices option and follow the cues. As "I" continue using a "smart phone", there have been no changes in my monthly costs, and there is no charge to to for switching your phones around. I have done it several times, switching from one smartphone to another in the same day... Verizon makes it easy to do.

A couple of days ago, I obtained a "new" Samsung Continuum and the day I received it, went online and switched it over. Later that day, I switched back to my iPhone. Yesterday, I switched back to the Samsung and am still on it. The more I use this particular phone, the more I like it.

Good luck and Merry Christmas
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