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Copy of my email feedback, provided with permission of developer:

Hey! It's me, Mr. Lucky, from androidforums. I put the app thru some testing and here are my thoughts. First, I understand that this app is intended to do much more than my autofwd to HeyWire requirement, so apologies in advance if items on my wish list conflict with your core intent for the app.

1. I really like the tray icon. It's a nice visual reminder and clearly suggestive of what it does.
2. I really like that this is the only app I've tested providing reply functionality for forwarded SMS.
3. It works fine with HeyWire, and is just as fast as dgAway and SMS Bounce.

1. The "-sent from phoneleash-" footer appended to reply SMS messages needs to be removed (or at least provide an option to remove). This gets included in the SMS message total, and can make a msg exceed the 160 character txt limit, thus causing the message to split. For people like me on a limited text plan, this could cause surprise billing overages (i.e., forwarding multiple messages for a single reply).
2. The notification bar icon doesn't reinstantiate after a reboot. This is a bug, as the forwarding works... just the icon is missing! I'm trying to use HeyWire and forwarding as a way of eliminating the need to use the native messaging app, and just use forwarding with people not in my address book. The notification icon is a handy reminder.
3. There is too much info in the forwarded SMS, causing short messages to split, thus exhausting my carrier text limit prematurely. For example, a 35 character test msg resulted in a multi-line msg (e.g., "SMS from ...", "Message recd:", etc.) split into two messages (a 160 char one + an additional one of 18 chars to include the remainder of the Message recd date).
4. The reply function, while nice, is clunky to use. Having to prepend the code and surround the whole message in quotes is difficult to do because of the way numbers, quotes, and letters are accessed on Android keyboards.

All in all, I consider it a solid attempt but still needs work. The risk of billing overruns makes it a no go for me in its current form. Here's another (unrelated) observation. I couldn't find your app in the Market by name (tried with and w/o space between words) yet when I used your tinyurl link from the forum post, it redirected to market np, and I downloaded from there. :O There was no issue finding it in Amazon appstore, but I was unsure if it was the latest version.
I have already received a reply, and they agree with my observations and to look into my feature request. They are even considering incorporating a widget to handle the on-screen notification (though I hope it will be a configurable option, not a replacement, for the notification bar icon). I would encourage anyone with an interest in this app (it does many other things) to try it out and provide feedback and/or constructive criticism.
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