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Originally Posted by thel2dab View Post
A clone of what exactly.

All these forums are claiming that all these flytouches and super pads are clones
And that only the ibex will do. But I have yet to find any proof that the ibex is not a clone of anything else.

It seems that flytouch or super pad is just a generic name for devices of this style

That is why I didn't bother with an ibex.

You are correct. Flytouch [whatever] is just a generic name. iBex need to claim it is better to justify their higher prices but, in reality, their products are the same as many other sellers products.

You can tell the fanbois on here.... they simply cannot make a post without advertising their masters' name or even make a post that actually helps someone with a problem.

No-one knows who made the first Flytouch, the reality is that the Chinese manufacturing model allows for many different original manufacturers. Certainly Gome sold Flytouches before iBex and ************, which, by definition, makes their flytouches clones as well as everybody elses.
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