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Originally Posted by freudroid View Post
firmware and development thread is here; ibex Flytouch 5 Wopad System Update
No this has nothing to do with this pad. Please do not offer advice you do not understand yourself.

Originally Posted by acgreen View Post
Another useful link, depending on how fake you flytouch is, is this firmware upgrade & tools section:

Flytouch 5 Firmware & Tools Download Area - Blogs - aPad.TV The home of the aPad. Forums

Good Luck Mateys

Superpad III V10 Tab10 is Flytouch 5 Wannabe - Buyer Beware! | PRLog
See above post. Also I can write a prlog saying Santa sneezes golden snowflakes and it would be just as valid as yours.

Originally Posted by thel2dab View Post
Anyway does this flytouch 5 firmware work with the tab10
My seller is sending me an SD card with the original firmware.

No, and it is irresposible at best, likely malicious, to even suggest you try it. It would most likely not work at all but if it did it would probably permanently brick your tablet. Not because you have an "evil defective cursed by the Android Fairy clone", but because these tablets have completely different architecture.

Originally Posted by dart16 View Post
You are correct. Flytouch [whatever] is just a generic name. iBex need to claim it is better to justify their higher prices but, in reality, their products are the same as many other sellers products.

You can tell the fanbois on here.... they simply cannot make a post without advertising their masters' name or even make a post that actually helps someone with a problem.

No-one knows who made the first Flytouch, the reality is that the Chinese manufacturing model allows for many different original manufacturers. Certainly Gome sold Flytouches before iBex and ************, which, by definition, makes their products clones too.
Amen and Merry Christmas.
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