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Default Logitech Tablet Keyboard for *iPad* working on Nexus S 4G (Android 2.3.7)

Originally Posted by jwiltse View Post
I can confirm that the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0 WILL work on a tablet running Android 2.3 even though it doesn't seem like it is supported. Just pair the keyboard and enter any 4 digit pin on the tablet, then immediately type in the same 4 digit pin on the Logitech keyboard and hit Enter. Viola! I read about this solution on another forum and I was PSYCHED because this is a sweet little keyboard and I didn't think it was going to work at first on my rooted Nook Color.
Just wanted to give out a big thanks. I bought one of these Logitech Tablet Keyboards at Best Buy couple weeks ago because they were selling at the great price of $40 (-$10 rewards coupon = $30) and it was too much of a steal to resist. However, I bought the iPad version, knowing that I would be getting one after the iPad 3 is released. lol, buying the cart before the horse as it were.

Was hoping it might work with my Nexus S 4G somehow in the meantime. Initially couldn't get it to work because there was obviously no code popping up on the screen to type in during pairing process with the phone. I tried the BlueInput app from Android Market and that worked ok but was a little laggy, and it would skip keystrokes.

Kept googling the interwebs and found this thread. Your tip about typing in a code on the phone and then immediately typing it into the keyboard + Enter was a Godsend. The Fn volume up/down keys work and I'm able to select text w/ Shift & arrow keys. Best part is it remembers the pairing so the keyboard starts working a few seconds after turning it on.

This is gonna be great for taking notes in class and typing out e-mails for work. lol, Yes, people will look at me funny with this aesthetically-odd setup. But the convenience of not lugging around a laptop all the time to have access to a REAL keyboard is worth it several times over.
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