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Originally Posted by DeserveMusic View Post
Keeping the player at home doesn't really protect the thing from damages or things of that nature.

Honestly, this is the last step in responsibility, before a phone, imo. I'd get her a cheap Sansa Clip+ and see if she can keep track of it. (It's a tiny player. Could easily get lost). Slowly moving up through the years to a decent smartplayer, or a phone.

The only reason to really have an mp3 player of this kind of measure is if you don't have a smart phone and don't want to pay the contract for one, but are constantly within wifi range (College students) or you just have money to blow.
Could be wrong, but it sounds like you do not have children in school. The amount of damage potential from passing it around to others to see in class, on the bus, at sports practices, etc is MUCH larger than anything that can happen at home. I speak from experience with three children from 18 to 10. Their own experiences of MP3 players broken, a stolen ipod, rain damaged phones... (the list goes on!) proves to me that an electronic device kept at home will live a much longer life. Numerous friends with similar age children have had very similar experiences of damage and theft.

This is our 10 yo daughter's fourth MP3 player and all the other three still work. We learned from the other two kids to not let them go out of our sight. Sorry, but your take on this is just incorrect. My daughter is thrilled with her player BTW. She doesn't want a larger tab (her older sister got a Fire and she is not jealous at all) and she doesn't want a phone either. We asked her a couple weeks ago since we had the chance to add one to our plan for a $5 savings per month with unlimited everything. She did not want it and our other daughter changed her number so we could take advantage of the deal and we now save $25 per month!
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