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Originally Posted by baillou2 View Post
I could never get into Mint for one reason or another. I honestly don't see how it's prettier or easier than Ubuntu.
And I still HATE gnome3. Though I am excited about Mate. I hope it takes off and gets better.
In the meantime I'm quite happy with Unity. It's not perfect, but I still find it miles ahead of gnome3. Unity can use Compiz, it's smoother and more consistent graphically, and BEST OF ALL it doesn't look like the setup menu on a playstation video game. No matter what theme I use gnome3 looks cartoonish and fugly. Unity (with Ubuntu) at least keeps that nice slick gnome2 aesthetic.

Also I always have repo/update issues with every version of Mint I use.

Personally I think that PinguyOS is a much better alternative to Ubuntu. PinguyOS is to Mint as Mint is to Ubuntu.

I still use unity too. I have it set up with the compiz desktop cube. I do use gnome tweak tool to switch between gtk themes. There aren't many though. Im using "atolm" with the ambiance window theme (cant beat ambiance window theme IMHO)
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