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Originally Posted by ian72 View Post
By the way, can I check when the phone goes into sleep mode, will it auto terminate WIFI connection? I am not sure if it's like that or because of the task killer I installed (it controls all data/wifi connection).
Press Menu button->Settings->Wireless & networks->Wi-Fi Settings->Menu button (again)->Advanced.

Under Wi-Fi sleep policy, choose the setting of your preference (I use "Never when plugged in". When not plugged, this setting turns off Wi-Fi when the screen is off.

Originally Posted by ian72 View Post
I was told by LG to change the WIFI policy to ensure WIFI is always on, even in sleep mode. I currently set the phone to sleep in 60 sec, but I think the task killer override to be 30s. I find it quite annoying as 30s is quite short as I could be reading something or in the midst of installing app. Maybe I will change the policy as I seems to have problem getting WIFI connection after back from sleep mode. Any advice is appreciated. Cheers!
Forget LG's advice (not battery savvy) and stop killing Wi-Fi. Just use my setting and plug the phone in (or extend the screen timeout) when you want Wi-Fi to be alive.

I have no problem getting Wi-Fi back from sleep mode (maybe because I don't use a 3rd-party app to manage it).
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