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I'm in the same boat...I've been wondering what to buy for a while but the Rezound, Razr, and GNex all have their issues and aren't that compelling to me (especially at +$250 each). I honestly love my Droid X so I want something that is really going to impress me. Unfortunately, the "best" phones right now aren't that great in my opinion. I've even tried the second-tier phones in hopes of finding something better. I bought a used Bionic and sold it after 1 week. I did the same thing with the Samsung Charge. I've played extensively with my wife's Dinc2, but it's meh. And I've spent way too much time in the Verizon store trying to convince myself to buy the GNex, but I just can't pull the trigger. I think if/when the Rezound gets ICS, it would be the best phone to have. And you can scoop it up for $150 at Amazon. But by the time it gets ICS (late Q1/early Q2), there should be newer phones designed specifically for ICS with better hardware. Unfortunately, none of this answers your question about what's next for VZW. And I don't have an answer for that besides that it seems pretty scarce right now.
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