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Originally Posted by kolosus View Post
I'm not sure about laws. I know if you do not have explicit permission to do the recording then it is not admissible in court. I've recorded many conversations with clients using Miui rom. I know what questions to ask them, when I'm out in the field and unable to take notes, but I cannot remember the details. I listen to them later to take notes.

Is it illegal to do so without asking them before? IDK. But if it is no one has come down on me yet. I think it is like speeding or robbing a bank. Its only a crime if you get caught at it!
Law regarding recording is different state to state. Here in Ohio only one party to the conversation is required to know the recording is happening (same as federal law), so as long as I know and I am an active participant in the convo I can record both sides at will without informing the other party. In the event one party to the conversation is in one state and the other party is in a different state, the state laws are superseded by federal law and again only one party to the conversation must consent.

Only the following states require both/all parties to consent:


New Hampshire

However, I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice. Check your own states law books which are easily searchable online.
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