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Default Cannot Transfer Pictures to SD Card or PC (Ascend 2)

Hello. I have yet to find anyone who can answer the following simple question about my Huawei Ascend 2 (Model M865). And "anyone" includes tech-support people at both Cricket and Huawei!

From what I can tell, it is physically impossible to perform any of the following three fundamental tasks on the Ascend 2. (If I'm wrong, would you please tell me how to do any or all of them? I'd be very grateful, to say the least.)

As of right now, I cannot:

1. Set the default so all pictures and/or videos taken are automatically saved on the phone's SD card. In fact, there is no default setting to even change. The phone automatically saves all pics and vids to the Camera folder.

2. Transfer pictures and videos from the phone's Camera folder to the SD card. I tried doing this from within the phone, at every level I could think of (e.g., menus at individual pics, the file manager, the Gallery app/folder, the Camera folder, etc.).

3. Transfer multiple pictures and videos from the phone to my PC, which is my ultimate goal. I've already connected the phone to my PC with the USB cord, but all I see are two folders (document and drivers) and two files (Autorun.inf and Mobile Partner.ico). And when I look inside the aforementioned two folders, all I see are some subfolders with .dll and PDF files.

If anyone can accurately answer my question, I'll be so happy (and somewhat amazed). I'm hoping I'm overlooking something really simple. If so, feel free to make fun of me and call me names (e.g., idiot, moron, nincompoop, dolt, etc.). If not, what were Huawei engineers thinking when they designed this phone? And why didn't the Cricket guy who signed me up warn me that you can't transfer pics and vids to a PC? And why hasn't anyone been able to answer this question so far? I've looked seemingly everywhere, including the owner's manual, with absolutely no luck.

Thanks in advance.
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