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Originally Posted by 9to5cynic View Post
^ Lol, I think so. I usually stop my registration point after the address pops up.

So another question for Kindle owners, do you need to have a 'full' (credit card/address) amazon account to use your kindle, or can you just load your own ebooks (converted with calibre) w/o bothering with amazon?

Just thought I'd post this RE: Kindle Accounts...

Okay, I made my kindle account when I downloaded the android app. Easy as pie, I was hoping for the free books and what not. I didn't set up a Credit card. Also, I wasn't able to download books (from Amazon). I set up my kindle with the same account. Still can't download books and whatnot (even free >.>), *but* I can now access a lot of extra settings.

When I first turned it on, I had one page of settings (no clock!!!), so I logged in and *wah-la* all the settings are there. I can change the clock! Winning!

just thought I'd share that for any other cheap kindle users out there.
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