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Originally Posted by ian72 View Post
Hi, to clarify. Under the Wi-Fi sleep policy, it says "specify when to switch from wi0fi to mobile data". I thought this policy is just to set when wi-fi should be turned off and not "when to switch to 3G". Pls advice. When "plugged in" means what? Means not to turn off wi-fi when USB plugged in? If so, then maybe I should choose "never", as long as phone is on, I want wi-fi to be connected, as I usually switch the phone off after use, so when on, I must be working on it and want wi-fi to be always on. Tks!
I simply don't understand. From your testimony, your OB is different. Mine has a setting (outside Wi-Fi settings - it's under Data settings) that selects when to use 3G when Wi-Fi is not available. Either we have completely different OBs or you are confused between two completely different menus.

I'm sorry that I can't help any further.
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