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Hello - I just posted some details and screencaps of how easy PhoneLeash v 1.5 makes replying to incoming SMS from your remote, forwarding destination (such as another phone/Google Voice/HeyWire). Screencaps show HeyWire since thats what started this thread. You can also see in these screencaps that all the message overhead is gone. Now messages to SMS destinations come in simply as "<from number and name> | < message content>"

One of the valid points in Mr Lucky's review of PhoneLeash is that it shouldn't cause additional texts to get sent out due to PhoneLeash wanting to advertise itself on replies. Now, PhoneLeash likes some self-promotion but not at the cost of making users spend more than they bargained for, so we tested and can confirm this is not happening. PhoneLeash will not increase the total number texts it takes for your reply - if there is room we'll add the tagline. So if you reply with a 160 char message (exactly 1 SMS), no tagline. If you reply with a 240 char message (2 SMS), each message will have the tagline, you're still sending out only 2 SMS'. The yellow bubbles in the screencap below are the replies being sent by PhoneLeash.


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