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Originally Posted by ja5219 View Post
Maybe if we get a good enough community here we can get our own forum!

I bought this phone exactly one month ago.
This was my first initial smart phone (I had used the Optimus V (not mine) on and off with VM for a few months).

There are some very good things about this phone, and some things that I don't like.

Mainly its sluggish at times, Its probably my fault I do like to use alot of apps frequently, so sometimes when I'd like to go back to my home screen.. I'll get a blank wallpaper image and the icons slowly reappear.
It seems like 512MB RAM (which in reality is 350MB or so for apps) is not enough for android.

But the 4G coverage I get very well makes up for that. I have watched/heard live streams/high quality radio stations and doing many things at once thanks to 4G.

This past month? After pretty heavy usage I only had 1.5GB out of 5GB bandwidth used. (It should really be 2.5GB but halfway through the month.. it reset the bandwidth counter.. Shhh!)

Overall, I love this phone... Onto month 2!
I love this phone! I don't use it for apps enough for it to be sluggish. I do agree that it is a little slippery. I don't understand why the top of the phone is more square than the bottom. But I am gonna look into the D3O case for it. Right now I have a rubberized plastic case and it's added some grippage to it.
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