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Default How to un-root (return to stock)

This post will discuss how to return your phone back to stock, which will un-root it.

That is in contrast to just removing the root components (su binary, Superuser.apk, custom recovery, possibly busybox, other root apps, etc.) from your device. You can just remove the root components, but that would be a manual process and is not what most folks want or talk about when they say "un-rooting".

Here's a quick (un-tested) list of what I would do if I simply wanted to "un-root" and not reflash a set of stock images (note: again, this is not a true substitute for returning your phone back to stock and re-locking the bootloader):

The main difficulty in documenting a return to stock procedure is that the stock images / packages are device and version dependent and specific and will change from release to release.

You need to know and be aware of the differences in how the stock image files are named:
  • The Verizon (VZW) Galaxy Nexus is often referred to as the CDMA/LTE version; also "mysid" and "toro" code names are used when referencing files related to this type.

Here's an outline of the steps you'd need to take:
  • backup any files from your internal "SD card" up to your PC

  • download the proper stock image file (current name format: <model>-<version>-factory-<hex code>.tgz file) to your PC

    All current stock images (for various O/S versions) can be found here:

    Factory Images for Nexus Devices - Google Support for Nexus Phones and Flagship Devices - Google Code

    Currently (as of 6/30/2012), there is only the ICS 4.0.4 stock image for the VZW Galaxy Nexus listed at the bottom of the page under "Factory Images "mysid" for Galaxy Nexus "toro" (CDMA/LTE) (archived, for reference only)"

    It is highly suggested that you double-check the MD5 or SHA1 checksums after downloading any of these large files (you wouldn't want to flash a bad file and end-up with a bricked device, would you?).

  • extract the contents of the stock image file to a working folder; there will be a subfolder/directory created that should contain files similarly named like the following:


  • note: you'll need to use your fastboot command, so if you don't have the directory where your fastboot utility is in your PATH environment variable, then you might need/want to copy the fastboot utility to the same directory where the above files have been extracted

  • put your phone into fastboot / bootloader mode

  • connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable (I recommend using a USB 2.0 port--I had issues during several sessions using a USB 3.0 port)

  • view the contents of the script (this will be the template for the commands you'll enter)

  • start-up a terminal/command session (i.e., Windows Command Prompt for MS/Windows, or a Terminal session for Mac/Linux)

  • cd (change directory) to the folder where the subfolder where the file is

  • now, carefully copy and paste the fastboot commands from the script (the name of your particular fastboot command may differ based on the type of PC you are running on (i.e., it might be "fastboot-windows.exe" for MS/Windows or "./fastboot-mac" for Mac or "./fastboot-linux" for Linux)

  • take a little break (five seconds) or so between each fastboot command

  • note: some of the commands will take a minute or two to patient

  • after the last command (fastboot -w update...) completes, your phone will reboot back into Android and you should be completely back to stock (note: that reboot might take 4 or 5 minutes--be patient and give it some time)

  • if you are returning your device for warranty purposes, you might want to re-lock your bootloader (return to fastboot mode and type "fastboot oem lock")

  • note: here's the sample output of the when I did this for my phone for ICS 4.0.2 (note: your specific commands may be different depending on which phone you have and the version of the Android stock image files):

Here are the contents of the Verizon (VZW) LTE / CDMA script for ICS 4.0.2:

Here are the contents of the Verizon (VZW) LTE / CDMA script for ICS 4.0.4:

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