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Default What is "post-endgame?"

Okay, I'm totally confused.

I played through the entire plot in about 20 hours. Killed the final boss, got the end game plot sequence, watched the credit roll and saved all my characters with a little "star" next to them on the same game screen.

What is all this "post endgame" you're talking about, with the flower boss and the something boss and the something boss? I followed the instructions to keep playing, but it just started the plot all over again with the first cutscenes, and now I just have Kriest and Dau, although they're level 53.

Is there more? I feel like there's more because you're all talking about there being more, but I don't know how to get there. I played to the point where I picked up Lish and took her to the first town but there didn't seem to be anything new going on.

Other things I never figured out ...

* Dwarves never had any use for the red ore
* There are a bunch of sealed dungeons under the sea, on an ice island and in the heavens, never could figure out how to open them

How do I get to this "more game" you are all talking about? I'd love to keep playing, I just don't see ... where!
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