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Originally Posted by thel2dab View Post
Ok i take no responsiblity for this but i have been reading the forums and may try to flash later and i think this may be what we are looking for'

Here is the download: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

The forum i got it from is here: Rom Flytouch 3. 3G modelo Android Tab10
you will need to translate it to english.

The instructions for flashing are:

Ensure sd card formatted to FAT32 you can use this tool just click accept at the bottom of the link to download sd formatting tool

1 - Download file to your PC.

2 - Card microSD card readers connect to a PC.

3 - Copy complete the contents from android folder in the root directory of the microSD card.

4 - Insert the microSD card into the tablet ensure the power supply connected.

5 - Press home + Back + Power it will then as you to press buttons for factory reset - release buttons and press home + back again. It will the load files from sd card

6 - The firmware update is performed automatically.

7 - Remove after performing the update files from the SD card

The first boot will take a long time but it will boot.

Like i said, i have no time to flash now and do not recommend flashing untill you have contacted your seller to make sure you can get the original firmware that they sold the tablet with.

I have edited this post because to load firmware from update sequence you need to press power + Home + back buttons and then the tablet will ask you to press to required buttons for a factory reset, release and press the home and Back buttons again before the coutdown finishes and the tablet will load the files from the sd card. I have done this and can confirm it works on my tab10 without built in 3g. the first boot will take some time.

But please remember this is a base firmware and i do not recommend flashing unless you have problems with your current firmware. But it gives us something to work from.

This will do at least untill my seller reurns from holiday and gives me the original firmware.

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