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Originally Posted by timothyh View Post
I'm also interested in the Le Pan, but I'm worried about support. Their website seems rather lacking, and their forum has one member and the administrator. Have any of you had a good experience with support? I'm not sure why they don't have the mentioned update posted on their web site. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
You are absolutely right about the lack of support for Le Pan. I got one 10 days ago, and I"m ready to return it to Amazon. It has some very annoying quirks, but mostly I am upset because for a few days it would connect to the internet, so I could check e-mail and surf. I didn't change a single setting, then one day, I am no longer able to connect. I've checked the "settings" and they are right, and it says "you are connected" but it will not download any website or e-mail -- it gets 75% done, then freezes and no matter now long I leave it, it will not load.

Their "built in" PDF manual is absolutely useless. Obviously written by Chinese who don't speak English, it continually refers to "your telephone..." yet there is no telephone feature at all. Not once do they call it a tablet. So you can see how useless the manual is -- even if I ignore the fact that they don't know what it is, the information is useless.

It says if there is a problem connecting to the internet, contact my server. Yea, right, blame someone else. well, I did call the server anyhow, and of course, they do not deal with tablets -- they say to contact the tech support of the tablet. Therein lies the problem. THERE IS NO TECH SUPPORT !

So, while it is a "pretty" tablet with very nice bright images, if it doesn't work, what good is it? Another app that comes with it is "How to use your Tablet"

I get to page 2, then, as I did in page 1, hit "NEXT" only the 2nd time you hit "NEXT" it jumps you back to the home page. Nice.

Well, I guess this is why the tablet is cheaper. They don't have to pay anyone to offer support for it when it doesn't work as it should.

Potentially a good product, but they released it without working out the quirks and problems, and not having tech support for any electronic device is inexcusable.

Will likely be taking it back if I can't figure out the connectivity problems.
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