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Originally Posted by wingy999 View Post
Well i received my N1 today and was gobsmacked how beautiful it is to look at and to hold.
The disappointment soon set in when i set a ringtone. The volume is pretty damn low and i am not sure whether to keep or send the phone back. Its not faulty its just that the speaker on the back in so TINY that i dont think its capable of mathching the output of the Milestone or other nokia phones ive had.

The call quality was ok but on full volume there was a distinct vibration.

Not sure what to do..........Any suggestions as i love the phone on the whole but its phone so no good if you cant hear it, especially when its in your pocket.
Sees to be more an issue with where they have placed the speaker. If I leave my N1 face down, when it rings, I jump out of my seat. If I leave it face up which most normal people probably would then I miss the call.
Lousy design.
I also have issues with the volume during a call and voice clarity I find that very poor. As for the hands free at full volume its barely audible usable and the distortion caused by the full volume makes inpractical.
Basically its great at everything but its a lousy phone
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