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Originally Posted by destruya View Post
Generally at the point you're buying stuff from the Dwarves, you're primarily using magic attacks (the attacks you have to select from the menu which cost MP), because consumables are cheap as hell and you want to minimize time wastage and opportunities to be hit. I go through campsites and cheap 40% Spirit Herbs like wildfire. Also, once you get the Assassin's Boots in the castle, dungeons become a cakewalk anyway.
I tried to test this by putting all of my merit points into magic attack for Dau, and Crush causes roughly the same damage with 30 merit points or with zero merit points. Also, if you look at the status screen, the physical attack and magic attack stats don't change (or the physical defense or any stat) as you change the merit points. Is there anyone else who can confirm this? Or am I missing something?
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