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Previous to owning the Samsung Exhibit II 4G I owned a Huawei Ascend (through cricKet) and this phone had hardly any internal memory for storage. So we (I say we as the forum here for that phone is an amazing resource and I got the phone when it first came out and a lot of us there had to 'figure it out' and it really felt like a family) used the method of transferring apps to the external SD memory card.

In the case of the Samsunge Exhibit II 4G ... I'm not sure this is really needed. We seem to have a lot of internal room so I'm not sure if we really need to switch over any apps to the external SD memory card.

I'll use my own phone as an example. Bear in mind I have a TON of apps installed.

Internal Memory: 1092.52MB Max with 633.32 Free
Internal SD card: 1653.78MB Max with 1269.96MB Free

This information was taken from an app I installed called "Android System Info"

Anyway as you can see there is still a lot of free space.

So I don't think internal storage space is a problem with this phone. Having said that I do think this phone has a weak point and that is the amount of RAM ... it's really not enough. Well most of the time I guess it is but once in a while I get a lil bit of slow down or lag and I suspect this is due to the amount of RAM that is free.

For instance right now "Android System Info" is telling me that out of 355MB RAM I only hae 30MB Free. I'm not computer whiz or expert on Android but I'm pretty sure Android (the OS itself) needs at least SOME free RAM to operate properly and I think the lag I sometimes see is due to how little free RAM that I sometimes have free.

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