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Originally Posted by 9to5cynic View Post
Hey, I've got a question for all you Kindle users out there...
How often do you actually have to charge yours? I know I read something like 2 months w/o wireless on, are you guys getting that?

I'm going on week 2 and it's near 50% (I did have wireless on for a bit when I first got it - had to screw around with it )

Also, how is everyone using "Sleep" mode and "Off"? I tend to power down overnight - with the eink is this pointless?

When I first got mine I wondered the same sort of thing. From what I gathered, it would take more power to reboot the device than you would lose leaving it in sleep mode.

I can leave it for weeks in sleep mode without making a visible dent in the battery, so long as WiFi is off. I can't even remember how you actually turn it off...
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