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First, thanks to Scotty85 and the other members that have contributed to this solution. Next, apologies if this has been covered already. I have scanned the thread, but there are a lot of posts here.

The problem I'm having is I have been unable to get a file that isn't corrupted. I've downloaded it about five times from two different links and all report corrupt in Windows. I downloaded from the link in the 1st post (mediafire) and tried from a link I found on but no joy.

I downloaded it in Ubuntu and was able to extract the folder, but I'm not sure if all the files are there. The 1st post refers to an image named "recovery-clockwork-", which is not there in my extracted folder in Ubuntu. Here's what I've got in that folder after I extract it;

boot.img (2.4 mb)
hboot_8x50_0.92.0000_100723.nb0 (524.3 kb)
nv_MFG_VZW_1.70_0825_PRL58006.img (655.4 kb)
radio.img (22.8 mb)
recovery.img (3.9 mb)
splash1.nb0 (786.4 kb)
system.img (255.5 mb)

I thought about copying the folder contents and re-compressing, but without knowing if all the necessary files are there (which they don't seem to be) I wouldn't attempt that. Plus I'm a noob at rooting, so I probably wouldn't take the chance right now anyway.

Anyone else had trouble finding a usable file?

Thanks for any suggestions
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