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When people say that the inspire isnt the top phone on the market i laugh at them....i have alot of friends who have evo 4g's and other newer devices from HTC or other companies, and without breaking a sweat, my inspire blows it apart. I have an over clocked inspire to run a constant 500 mhz and to top out at around 1.5 ghz on performance level and it faster than my computer and more reliable.

for one, the phone is extreamly durable, ive dropped it and guess what its not broken. no dents, or scratches. unlike an iPhone where if it falls on a carpeted floor it will breakl into a million pieces and the screen is busted and apple wont fix it. They suck

and i just got my gf the new HTC Vivid, and that has a dual-core proc and as far is doing a few things at once, im faster and better, but she has me beat on the LTE, sorta jealous, but im usually on a wifi connection so it doesnt matter all that much.

HTC really did there homework when they released this phone. They actually did something that most companies dont do, that is make sure its perfect when its released. To me its perfect. The inspire will be the top droid device for a while i feel.

and 2.3 was made for the phone...HTC did a firmware update for it, if it couldnt handle it why would they wants us to update it???? I personally think ICS runs better on it... i ran the beta version for a few days it was fast as S**T...cant wait for Cyanogen to release an RC or Stable version.

well thats enough for me today..

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