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Originally Posted by higgybhoy View Post
please help, i got my sone a superpad 3 (well thats what it says on the box) and everything seemed well downloaded few apps on christmas day then it run out of charge so after full charge he switches it back on and the apps are gone, but in the market they are there as downloaded and have to re-install apps but same again after power off/on apps dissapear sometimes after reinstall the apps crash on start up...also the market is limited to certain apps but he cant get his facebook, band of brothers etc which he has on his phone

model number....DISCO10
android version.....2.2-20110803
kernel version...
build number....FRF85B

will flashing it be an options im a total newbie to this game..

any suggestions will be gratefull, recomendations,

{got off ebay by the way and the seller had real good feedback}

thanx in advance
The vanishing apps is a known problem. Your internal tf card has gone read only. There is a command that is run in a terminal emulator that might 'fix' it but it can only be regarded as temporary. In view of your tablets model number I would suggest you either send it back as faulty or open it up and change the internal tf card for a higher quality one. This will invalidate the warranty, but if you want to take this route there are some guidelines HERE. Once you have fitted a new tf card you will have to re-flash the tablet. I suggest you look HERE for Tims latest firmware for DISCO10 tablets. Read the Tips first!!

Market will be limited as the tablets are not Google approved. Install dropbox and buy/get your apps from Market via your android mobile, then you can copy them to the tablet.
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