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Default *resolved* Sync errors when setting up gmail as an exchange account

Evo 4g
Mik3g Rom
Android 2.3.3
Sense 2.1

Hello all, I am a long time K9 mail user who recently flashed a new rom and was too lazy to reinstall k9, so i figured i'd just use the stock HTC mail and gmail apps until they motivated me to sit down and set up K9. To my surprise both Apps have come a LONG way since I first got my android phone. The gmail app is my favourite but since I need to have my work account on my phone and I don't really like having two mail apps I switched over to the stock HTC mail app which is getting close to perfect - especially since I learned you can set up gmail as an exchange account. The problem is it is extremely unreliable at best.

Here is how i set it up:
new account

server =
domain = google

It works for a while but eventually I get a sync error. if i go into settings and, without changing anything, press save a few times eventually it reconnects. on a reboot it connects. everything is fine but eventually it stops working until i manually go in and fiddle with it. obviously this is suboptimal.

I am using Green Power Premium which shuts off all of my radios when i am not hooked into power and then periodically turns them back on long enough for sycn/push. Naturally I suspected this to be the culprit so I turned it off but i had the same problem. i even went so far as uninstalling it but that didn't help.

Am I doing something wrong or is this just a feature that is still a work in progress?

If I can get this to work and if they can fix embedded images not showing up properly in mail and 1 or 2 other minor quirks then the stock mail app will be the best app for my needs.

As it were gmail on k9 with push enabled works fine - i just don't like the way it looks nor the lack of threaded conversations, the latter being a deal breaker for me.

thanks all!
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