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Originally Posted by heath3000 View Post
Hi all,
I was just reading up on the 2.3 update, trying to decide if I should, and I saw that some of you are having troubles with battery life. I too had battery issues when I first got the phone, but found out that the Dialer app is a big culprit. It would suck up half of my battery in an hour or two.

Now I'm not exactly sure what the Dialer app does (besides use a lot of power), but I did find out how to see if its running continuously.

Go to your phone and dial *#*#4636#*#*
That will open some info, including Battery History. Select that. From the usage drop down select Partial Wake Usage. If the Dialer shows more usage than other apps, its eating your battery.

So then go to Settings, Manage Apps, click menu button and select Filter, then Running. Scroll down to the Dialer and kill it (Force stop). I also kill the Dialer Storage app too for good measure. Your cellular signal will "reset", comes back in a few seconds.

The funny thing about this is I hardly ever use my phone for calls, so I have no idea how the Dialer gets in this state, so I keep a close eye on the battery % (using Battery Widget on my home screen).

Hope this helps someone.
Anyone else give this a shot? I went into that diagnostics menu and saw no battery history item (probably because I calibrated my battery today).

Anyways, I tried to freeze dialer storage. DO NOT do that! Your phone will choke when you hang up a call. You obviously can't freeze the dialer because that's what you use to make calls.

I wonder if we can set to auto kill these two items for a day and see if it makes a difference.
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